Tips For Designing An Evening Garden

The sun going down shouldn't have to mean you stop enjoying your backyard. Easy fixes such as adding a fire pit definitely increase the enjoyment factor. However, a well-designed garden can be beautiful any time of day. Design your garden to become an evening retreat.  Start with a Comfortable Seat After a long day at work, you'll want a space for relaxing. It's not necessary to have a full set-up in your evening garden, though.

How Can You Protect Your Hardwood Flooring From Winter Weather?

Between salt, snow and ice, those Cleveland winters can be hard on your hardwood floors! Salt can cause scratches, water can wear away your floor's finish and dry air can cause your floors to become brittle. Knowing how to protect your hardwood floors in winter can keep your home looking its best. These tips will help. Use Waterproof Mats Waterproof mats are your first line of defense against winter's snow and ice.

Dealing With Hot Water Tank Odors

Foul odors aren't something you'd expect when you open your hot water tap. However, it's not out of the ordinary for odors to take hold within the tank. This can make it nearly impossible to cook, wash or run appliances reliant on hot water without leaving strong odors behind. The following explains what could cause bad odors in your hot water tank and how you can get rid of them.

Conquer Your Bed Bugs With Professional Help

Bed bugs are not something to mess around with. They are difficult to kill off, so you'll get the best results if you call in an exterminator rather than try DIY methods of pest control. Bed bugs are different from other household insects because they feed on your blood. They actually hunt you down while you're sleeping, and bite your skin, which causes painful, itchy welts. Just as you wouldn't want to expose yourself to hoards of hungry mosquitoes at night, you don't want to let bed bugs bite you and leave you in misery.

3 Reasons To Host Band Practice In A Storage Unit Instead Of A Garage

If you are a part of a band, you probably know just how important ample practice is, regardless of whether your band is large or small. Even though a lot of bands might have gotten famous from practicing and playing out of garages, however, you should know that this is not the best practice location for you and the others in your band. Instead, consider renting out a storage unit with the express purpose of hosting your band practice there.